I am a 33 years old software engineer, currently living in Toulouse, France. After several years in a small startup writing Scala code, I joined a much more large company to write Java code (what a fool !). I tend to prefer backend code as I have absolutely no skill at all in UX or design. That does not mean I am not interested in frontend stuff, and I enjoy from time to time a good talk about frontends technologies to keep me up to date (yeah, in this Javascript world, everything is moving fast).

This blog is just here to share my thoughts and experiments in my work/passion as a software developer. It is mainly focused on :

  • Scala (and its ecosystem : akka, playframework,...)
  • DevOps : I do like building things and deploying them on bare-metal servers, DigitalOcean instances, Clever Cloud,...
  • 3D printing and DIY in general
  • Complaining about Java
  • ...

Don't hesitate to find me on Github, or Twitter.